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You can take care of your home – Earth!

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Let’s deflect our thoughts a bit from our daily home chores and think for a second about our Home Planet Earth. We celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd every year and on that occasion we remind ourselves how each of us can contribute to preserving our precious planet and keeping it safe and healthy for the generations to come.


You too can be a Conscious Consumer!

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The concept of conscious consumption is #trending and growing. Growing awareness around -Global Warming, Child Labor, depleting Natural Resources, crisis such as Covid-19 pandemic – has accelerated responsible attitude by the consumers. Consumer wants to get involved in making progressive impact on economy to grow and sustain it.


You can deal with unwanted gifts in your life in an easy way!

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Everyday brings an opportunity to give and receive. But what if what you receive isn’t your cup of tea? It always happens that one or two gifts you get from loved ones just not make sense for your lifestyle. Everyone naturally struggles with how to deal with these unwanted gifts or if not to deal with them at all.


How you can knock out stress with these 3-Hs

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All of us are busy, but sometimes it becomes too much to handle. Your job is seriously stressing out, you have too many deadlines, you’ve taken on too many projects, you have to manage house chores, kids and work— whatever the case, you’re not sure if you’ll make it through this week. Kidding of course, but sometimes it feels that way.


Being human now and in the future

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There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and the coming years and decades will likely bring more disruption and less stability. Pandemic has upended our lives, separated us, technological innovations are revolutionizing many workplaces; political attitudes are polarizing almost by the day; climate change is going to drive massive migration and displacement unless we turn our collective attention to mitigating the risk. Change is everywhere.


Planning makes your life easy and eventful!

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Human brain thrives in the period of certainty, success and joy. We fear failures. While there will be many who can be instrumental behind our success, failure is the one which is individually owned. We are accountable for it. The simple route to avoid failure or be able to handle failure is to be well prepared with proper planning.


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