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Why little kindness is good for you and the world

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Ready or not, there’s never a bad time to be kind. Whatever kindness you start – even something simple – has a way of moving from one person to the next. Whether it’s a smile, a wave, or going the extra by reaching out to someone in need, the benefits of expressing kindness can do a world of good. Kindness impacts the general level of positivity, boosts your mood and it’s contagious.


Five magical days of Diwali

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, for one, did not know what Diwali was until I started working for an Indian-based company several years ago. My co-workers were preparing for the Holiday; everyone was in a joyous mood, sharing their stories on how they would celebrate Diwali. I was intrigued to learn everything about the biggest and most important festival celebrated in India – DIWALI. 


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